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Seeing red

Shaggy_webI will catch that satanic scarlet spot if it kills me! It’s exasperating! That fiendish flying fleck is ferociously fast. I’m quick … I am like the wind … I am lightning … but that maddening mauve mark is mocking me!
I pounce (precisely) on the pointless purple particle and the mischievous mote melts right through my paws. But that crimson corpuscle’s days of being a dancing dot will soon be over. I am resolute. I am the wrath of ages. I will not fail in my sacred task …

Bob_webHe he, Shaggs is obsessed. I just give it a playful pat as it passes. Still, Shaggs needs the exercise whereas I’m superbly svelte. (That vacuous vet who said I need to loose half a kilo is obviously a complete idiot!)


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Now that’s what I call a scratching post!

Shaggy_webOur campaign to persuade our new human to get us a proper scratching post has worked purrrfectly. It only took a few days of shredding carpets, furniture and wallpaper before he caved and got me us this totally magnificent jumbo post. Of course the shredding was a team effort (thanks Bob!). Bob doesn’t seem to have realised that this is more than just a scratching post – it doubles as both an exercise station and a plaything. You can simply climb up it (particularly when our human has left some intriguing object on top), or if he can be persuaded to play the string game and has the sense to trail the string up and over the post then you can launch yourself at it from across the hall and arrive pretty near the top in one mighty bound.
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All change!

Shaggy_webShaggyBob_20130120_D7_09_webMy brother and I have recently arrived at a new home with a new human. Our first humans decided not to stay together. One of them went to work in another country and her father found us this new home.

This new human seems a nice enough chap and he is around nearly all of the time. He’s responding pretty well to training and seems to understand when we want to be let in and out although he appears a bit miffed when we come in just to use the litter tray. Doesn’t he realise the ground’s frozen solid out there ?!

I’ve a sneaking suspicion that he understands when we’re hungry, but he’s got this weird idea that we’re a bit portly. We seem to be on reduced rations, and only get fed twice a day, which is not good!  Send red-cross parcels please!!

Shaggy_webIt’s all right for you, you must have a slower metabolism. I need my calories – especially since I’m the one that always chases the string while you just sit and watch!!