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Now that’s what I call a scratching post!

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Shaggy_webOur campaign to persuade our new human to get us a proper scratching post has worked purrrfectly. It only took a few days of shredding carpets, furniture and wallpaper before he caved and got me us this totally magnificent jumbo post. Of course the shredding was a team effort (thanks Bob!). Bob doesn’t seem to have realised that this is more than just a scratching post – it doubles as both an exercise station and a plaything. You can simply climb up it (particularly when our human has left some intriguing object on top), or if he can be persuaded to play the string game and has the sense to trail the string up and over the post then you can launch yourself at it from across the hall and arrive pretty near the top in one mighty bound.
Bob_webShaggy likes to sit on top so he can keep an eye on things, but I bet the main reason is that he thinks looming over you is intimidating. He’s deluded of course! I have to agree with Shaggy though – it is indeed a magnificent scratching post. Still it does no harm to keep our human on his toes by occasionally shredding a carpet when one simply can’t be bothered to amble all the way over to the post.

Author: Shaggy

My first human named me after a dubious character in Scooby-Doo!! I like chasing string. I like sleeping on laps. I like food. I like chasing the mysterious red spot. At the start of 2013 my brother Bob and I adopted a new human. Did I mention I like string? It's important!

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