Shaggy 'n Bob

in their own words …

He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother!


Bob_webSo I’m just minding my own business curled up asleep in my comfy bed, dreaming of … (well, ahem, you don’t need to know about that) when Shaggs wanders up, as cool as you please, and just plonks himself down right on top of me. Now when I say he ain’t heavy that’s just artistic licence you understand … a euphemism, used to denote the distortion of fact, as well as the extreme distortion of my person … can I say person if I’m a cat? I digress (probably due to temporary restriction of blood flow as a result of my recent crushing experience). So, compared with my lithe, compact and graceful physique Shaggs is … how shall I put it … substantial, generously proportioned, sturdy, abundant … but I’m strong, strong enough to carry him, he ain’t heavy, he’s my bro …
Dammit I’m starting to contradict myself! One can only cope with lack of oxygen for so long. I decided his need was greater than mine and managed to wriggle out from underneath him. And do you know what? He just curls up and goes straight to sleep! I’m beginning to suspect it was a deliberate ploy to oust me from the comfy bed. Humph!
Shaggy_webI’m only pretending to be asleep until Bob goes away, sucker!
By the way , my long hair makes me look much heaver than I really am, so there!

Author: Bob

I'm so laid back that my first human named me after Bob Marley. I can often be found lounging on my back, legs akimbo. I like batting ping pong balls and chasing the mysterious red spot. At the start of 2013 my brother Shaggy and I adopted a new human. I like string!

9 thoughts on “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother!

  1. I await further adventures – you two are very photogenic and don’t need to slim down at all.

  2. I love everything about this blog!

  3. Hi Shaggy and Bob – despite being a dog-lover, I have to say that you two do look rather cute. I have a few concerns about your human, though; Bob, perhaps you could advise him to visit his doctor in the near future? (I direct that to you, Bob, as Shaggy’s general countenance appears to along the lines of “oh dear, what is the fool doing now”, so he may be less likely to advise that particular course of action). Of course, your human may just have a bit too much time on his hands these days. I suppose if all three of you start chasing that red spot, it’s really time to worry. I look forward to more posts (scratching or otherwise).

    • I trust you realise that by advertising yourself as a “dog-lover” your credibility is considerably impaired. Nonetheless your concerns about our human are an indicator that you retain a certain level of sanity despite your bizarre predilection. I will endeavour to persuade him to visit his personal vet at the earliest opportunity.

      • Having too much time on his hands is assuredly not our human’s problem – quite the opposite. He needs to devote far more of his time towards feeding us, deploying string for me to chase and retrieving Bob’s balls from unlikely nooks and crannies.

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