Shaggy 'n Bob

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Changing shape


Bob_webWe are changing shape! (Actually Shaggy looks like he’s changed shape already!)
We are changing to a new WordPress theme (Yoko) and abandoning 2012 (mostly ‘cos we think the comments look neater in Yoko).
Shaggy_webOy! Changed shape indeed! I was just doing my impression of the bow scene from “Titanic”.
Anyway … we apologise if any of our post formats look a little weird during the changeover, but we’ll pounce on any bugs with alacrity … we’re good at pouncing!
Bob_webAll done. Looks ok from our end. If it looks weird from your end let us know and we’ll complain to our human.

Author: Bob

I'm so laid back that my first human named me after Bob Marley. I can often be found lounging on my back, legs akimbo. I like batting ping pong balls and chasing the mysterious red spot. At the start of 2013 my brother Shaggy and I adopted a new human. I like string!

5 thoughts on “Changing shape

  1. Hi Bob, my human changed themes about 6 times. We were positively dizzy. We like the new look and hope to see lots more photos of you both. Cheers, Bagheera

    • Thank-you Bagheera – I’m glad it’s finally settled! My human ummed and ahhed for ages while he was doing it, so Shaggy and I had to complain bitterly otherwise we wouldn’t have been fed!
      I have just posted a new photo, but its very blurry …

  2. i really like his choice, it is perfect to showcase the stars of this weblog: Bob and Shaggy
    his is right about the comments – they look very good
    i, myself, have changed themes a lot, i just am now feeling settled into Splendio because I love blue and orange, but i do not like how biG the letters are in the CATEGORIES ARCHIVES

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