Shaggy 'n Bob

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The Blur Kitty Project


BobTo complement our Mewsings, we are introducing a new cat-a-gory called the “Blur Kitty Project”. It will showcase our human’s less successful photographic efforts which we think are nonetheless redeemed by my engaging presence.
ShaggyI’ve always been sharper than you Bob (he he) but I predict I’ll also be appearing in this fur-rago of horrors before long.

In case you haven’t cottoned on yet the title of this ragbag was inspired by that equally shoddy example of horrific camerawork – The Blair Witch Project.

So here’s the first shocking example. I give you Beelzebob – one of the seven princes of hell – a scary shade who stalks the summit of the stairs.

BobHumph!. Beelzebub was tempted by the sin of gluttony – so that appellation would have been better applied to you Shaggs!

Author: Bob

I'm so laid back that my first human named me after Bob Marley. I can often be found lounging on my back, legs akimbo. I like batting ping pong balls and chasing the mysterious red spot. At the start of 2013 my brother Shaggy and I adopted a new human. I like string!

6 thoughts on “The Blur Kitty Project

  1. oh, bob, that is scary – were you a livid kitty when your person snapped this?
    you need to stop judging shaggy because of her size – just because you have a higher metabolism doesn’t mean us slow poke mets are easy targets to point your little sharp clawed digit at.

    • Haha – no not at all – we were playing with ping-pong balls at the time. I suspect my human may have ever so slightly tweaked my picture for dramatic effect since he got it so blurry in the first place!
      The vacuous vet said we both need to loose weight and our gullible human human believed him! We (starving) cats know better of course … but we still can’t resist the brotherly banter 😉

  2. well, bob’s picture with those red eyes is pretty scaaaaaarrrrrry.
    do you kitties know how absolutely gorgeous you are? fat or thin it makes no difference. an effective way to get your human to give in and give you food is to just wind in and out of his legs when he’s standing in the kitchen and don’t stop until you get what you want. that’s what my kitties do and it is so annoying to me that i put down food just to get some relief. but don’t tell your human i said so. lets keep it our secret.
    BTW, your typing is excellent for not having thumbs which must be pretty annoying.

    • I’ll let you into a secret, we don’t actually type it ourselves, we delegate that to our human. Of course we keep very careful tabs on him!

      • He may be good at typing, but he’s annoyingly impervious to all of our feline wiles when it comes to getting more food! The old winding through the legs stand-by is ineffective as are our most plaintive meows. He keeps telling us “it’s for your own good” but we’re not convinced! Someone should call the RSPCA!!

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