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Keeping tabs


BobIt may come as a shock to you but there are certain skills that we felines find hard to master. One of them is typing. That ludicrous keyboard is atrociously designed – the keys are far too small for our paws. As a simple expediency, therefore, we dictate our blog to our human while he types it for us. Of course no one likes to be deficient in any skill so while dictating we also practice our typing enthusiastically, killing two birds etc. (such a pleasing adage). Bizarrely our human seems not to appreciate our attempts to better ourselves!

Bob proof-reading his last post

The risk in delegating such an important task to our human is that he may subtly distort our words. We have to be certain that our views are properly represented so of course we carefully proof-read everything!

Author: Bob

I'm so laid back that my first human named me after Bob Marley. I can often be found lounging on my back, legs akimbo. I like batting ping pong balls and chasing the mysterious red spot. At the start of 2013 my brother Shaggy and I adopted a new human. I like string!

6 thoughts on “Keeping tabs

  1. good thinking not trusting your human 100% – humans do tend to fib (or just outright lie) if something shows us in an unfavorable light.
    speaking of light, i happened to click on the 3 swans and found all these beautiful and sublime photos. my sister and i looked at them together on eyesore9. she lives in Nevada and I live in California so we look at stuff on the internet and talk on the phone at the same time. it’s more fun than being in the same place.
    tell your human that we ooooddd and aaahhhhddd over each one and laughed too. some we had to look at really closely to discover why he had given it its title. i see now why you look so good in your pictures, (besides being extremely photogenic).
    keep up the typing practice. it takes a lot of practice and patience. when i first learned to type i made so many mistakes i almost gave up, but my parents would let me…. a s d f g h j k l ; …. i can say them in my sleep.

    • Thank-you for your kind words, I hope our human doesn’t get too big-headed as a result! Of course it is mostly our modelling skills that make our pictures, he just points the camera and presses a button!

  2. not “would let me” i meant “wouldn’t let me”
    see what i mean? mistakes, mistakes , mistakes

  3. It would seem, as I just shared with Herman (Bowie’s dad) that my cats are blocking/ deleting posts by my favorite cat bloggers. I will be changing passwords and looking for your posts by name boys…

    • How peculiar! Although you probably haven’t missed anything from us as our human has been rather distracted recently. He hasn’t posted anything for 10 days. It’s scandalous! Especially when you consider how hard we’ve been working on being photogenic. We will use our most persuasive eloquence to induce him to post soon …

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