Shaggy 'n Bob

in their own words …



The turning or bending of any wave, such as a light or sound wave, when it passes from one medium into another of different optical density.
Obstinately resistant to authority or control.
ShaggyHelp! I scaled a gigantic tree and became ensnared by this humungous blob of gooey sap!
BobNice try Shaggs, but you’re just being a scaremonger.
ShaggyI’d rather be a fishmonger – except I’d probably do more munching than mongering!
BobIt looks fishy all right! Don’t be coy, admit you were just perching on the table with your rays refracted by a blob of glycerine hanging from a twig.
ShaggyDon’t carp on about all that glycerine refraction stuff. The important thing is that our human was trying to persuade me to stay in just the right place by leaving fishy treats on the table.
BobYes, and you were deliberately being refractory so that you’d get more of them. He had to deploy the string in the end.
ShaggyMmmmmmmmmmmm string. Resistance is useless. I was hooked immediately.
BobYou were so enthusiastic about the string that you knocked all of his drops off!

Author: Shaggy

My first human named me after a dubious character in Scooby-Doo!! I like chasing string. I like sleeping on laps. I like food. I like chasing the mysterious red spot. At the start of 2013 my brother Bob and I adopted a new human. Did I mention I like string? It's important!

11 thoughts on “Refractory

  1. human, what a fantastic photo – i had to look really closely to spot shaggy
    i’ll get back to you mischievous, uncooperative kitties later.

    • It’s not bad, ‘cos it’s got me in it ;-). But its not sharp from front to back. Very small depth of field at such extreme magnification. To do it properly our human should have taken several shots focusing on different points front to back, and then combined them with focus stacking.

  2. boy, you two felines are sure smarty cats. you’ve only been with that picture taking human for a month and you already know about depth of field and stuff.

    • We are very deep …

      • … and we know a lot about fields.

        • tee hee tee hee – i can see you now, deep in the tall grasses hopping and jumping up and down as you chase those little skurreeing (i don’t know how to spell that word) little bits of yummy – then leaving half on the door sill to say “thank you” for making a nice safe place for us to to curl up in and sleep and dream of those fascinating things running around in my in the depths of my field.

          • Humans seem strangely indifferent to our little gifts – ours is no exception. Just yesterday we left our new human his very first titbit – a simple amuse-bouche comprising a little pool of blood garnished with downy feathers. He just swept up the feathers, scrubbed the carpet, and didn’t offer a word of thanks or praise!

            I’m lying on my human’s lap while he types my reply, and as retribution for his ingratitude I’m resting my head on his left wrist to make things especially awkward for him 😉

          • Scurrying is such a good word – encompassing scampering, scuttling, skittering, scrambling, scooting … all music to a cat’s ears!

  3. darn it – ignore the extra bit “in my”

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