Shaggy 'n Bob

in their own words …

A ping-pong paean


BobPing-pong balls are neat – you can chase them even when your recalcitrant human won’t play with you, but it’s even better when you can get him to lob them up the stairs.
ShaggyI don’t know what all the fuss is about. String is infinitely preferable – you can pounce on it, chew it and have tugs of war. Ping-pong balls are for kittens! See what I mean …
BobI am a mighty hunter – that ball’s goose is cooked …
BobIt’s playing dead … but I won’t be fooled …
BobBlast! It’s stuck behind this little stool thingy!
BobNow it’s hiding behind the Dali bread picture …
BobGot it! I was so fast that I registered as a mere blur on camera!

ShaggyActually Bob the real reason you’re not so sharp is that our human’s flash didn’t go off. He managed to recover this rather fuzzy image even so. Ah well another one for the Blur Kitty Project.


Author: Bob

I'm so laid back that my first human named me after Bob Marley. I can often be found lounging on my back, legs akimbo. I like batting ping pong balls and chasing the mysterious red spot. At the start of 2013 my brother Shaggy and I adopted a new human. I like string!

8 thoughts on “A ping-pong paean

  1. Bob…you are absolutely gorgeous. Like the cute little butt shot at the end ๐Ÿ™‚ (Shaggy- you are handsome too…!)

  2. Oh you guyz look so cute here…very nice pics!

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