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Normal service will now be resumed


ShaggyYou have may have noticed a distinct lack of mewsings in recent weeks. Our human’s excuse is that his computer has apparently been very sick with something he calls the “Blue Screen Of Death”. It seems he was getting this nearly every time he turned it on and he claimed that this was preventing him from taking dictation for our blog. We of course have been giving him every encouragement to get it sorted out! Here’s Bob providing moral support and advice …
BobShaggyBob_20130214_D7_36I was playing to my strengths and trying to look both appealing and disgruntled at the same time. Anyway I encouraged our human to talk about it so I could help him figure it out. He said “the registry kept getting corrupted” and thought it might be a “rogue program”. I wasn’t convinced but despite that he removed every program he had installed since before the problem started. It took him several weeks to go through that process! It seemed to get better for a little while, then it got worse than ever. His next thought was that it might be a “dodgy hard drive” but that replacing it wouldn’t be straightforward because it was the “system drive”. He was muttering about a “catch 22 situation” … either re-install Windows on a new drive and lose everything that had been installed over the last 5 years, or clone the system onto a new drive – which would keep everything – including the corrupt registry!
ShaggyOne day I thought he’d had enough and was going to kill it. He took the computer to bits and ripped out it’s guts. But then he did lots of tinkering and finally put some new guts in it. He then spent about another day tinkering with it and what do you know – not only did it start working again but also all of his old programs were still there too. He muttered something about having “fixed the corrupted registry on the cloned drive by getting a recent one from a system restore point”, but frankly neither Bob nor I are interested in such gobbledygook. We’re just happy that we can start blogging again. We thought we’d celebrate by doing our impression of the yin-yang symbol indicating that the universe is back in balance and harmony has been restored …

Yin-yang by Shaggy ‘n Bob


Author: Shaggy

My first human named me after a dubious character in Scooby-Doo!! I like chasing string. I like sleeping on laps. I like food. I like chasing the mysterious red spot. At the start of 2013 my brother Bob and I adopted a new human. Did I mention I like string? It's important!

4 thoughts on “Normal service will now be resumed

  1. Had a similar problem recently Shaggy ‘n Bob! It’s very frustrating when it happens. Imagine your human having a system problem and not being able to perform normal duties like filling your food bowl!

    • Oh no – that really wouldn’t do at all!
      (Mind you – I have been known to supplement my diet with the odd little critter from the garden 😉

  2. Dear Shaggy…for some reason, I am not seeing posts by my favorite friends! I will have to click on your lovely faces every now and then to make sure I see your mewsings and photos.

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