Shaggy 'n Bob

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Just Chillin’

Is it time to get up yet?
No Bob – go back to sleep!

A little later (after breakfast) …

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Room for improvement!

ShaggyA few weeks ago we said that normal service would be resumed, but quite frankly our human’s ability to capture our more athletic moments has left rather a lot to be desired. Take for example his shoddy snap of our synchronised stair scampering … it’s pants! The only reason we are allowing it to be shown is to demonstrate how much scope there is for improvement!
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Normal service will now be resumed

ShaggyYou have may have noticed a distinct lack of mewsings in recent weeks. Our human’s excuse is that his computer has apparently been very sick with something he calls the “Blue Screen Of Death”. It seems he was getting this nearly every time he turned it on and he claimed that this was preventing him from taking dictation for our blog. We of course have been giving him every encouragement to get it sorted out! Here’s Bob providing moral support and advice …
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The turning or bending of any wave, such as a light or sound wave, when it passes from one medium into another of different optical density.
Obstinately resistant to authority or control.
ShaggyHelp! I scaled a gigantic tree and became ensnared by this humungous blob of gooey sap!
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Seeing red

Shaggy_webI will catch that satanic scarlet spot if it kills me! It’s exasperating! That fiendish flying fleck is ferociously fast. I’m quick … I am like the wind … I am lightning … but that maddening mauve mark is mocking me!
I pounce (precisely) on the pointless purple particle and the mischievous mote melts right through my paws. But that crimson corpuscle’s days of being a dancing dot will soon be over. I am resolute. I am the wrath of ages. I will not fail in my sacred task …

Bob_webHe he, Shaggs is obsessed. I just give it a playful pat as it passes. Still, Shaggs needs the exercise whereas I’m superbly svelte. (That vacuous vet who said I need to loose half a kilo is obviously a complete idiot!)