Shaggy 'n Bob

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Just Chillin’

Is it time to get up yet?
No Bob – go back to sleep!

A little later (after breakfast) …

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String theory

BobShaggyBob_Garden_20130501_D7_029Humans haven’t got a clue about string theory. Their first ropy attempt was called ‘bosonic string theory’. It relied on tachyons – faster than light particles and it didn’t even mention furry ones (or fermions as the humans incorrectly call them). Clearly wrong since Shaggy is the fastest thing in the universe, and any theory that doesn’t include furry ones isn’t worth getting entangled with.

ShaggySo we’ll skip over that and examine their second twisted attempt to spin us a line: ‘superstring’ theory. It postulates a supersymmetry between furry ones and bozos (bosons in humanspeak). Bob is a bozo. I am a furry one. Can you see any “supersymmetry” in this next photo? I don’t think so!

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Room for improvement!

ShaggyA few weeks ago we said that normal service would be resumed, but quite frankly our human’s ability to capture our more athletic moments has left rather a lot to be desired. Take for example his shoddy snap of our synchronised stair scampering … it’s pants! The only reason we are allowing it to be shown is to demonstrate how much scope there is for improvement!
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Normal service will now be resumed

ShaggyYou have may have noticed a distinct lack of mewsings in recent weeks. Our human’s excuse is that his computer has apparently been very sick with something he calls the “Blue Screen Of Death”. It seems he was getting this nearly every time he turned it on and he claimed that this was preventing him from taking dictation for our blog. We of course have been giving him every encouragement to get it sorted out! Here’s Bob providing moral support and advice …
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The turning or bending of any wave, such as a light or sound wave, when it passes from one medium into another of different optical density.
Obstinately resistant to authority or control.
ShaggyHelp! I scaled a gigantic tree and became ensnared by this humungous blob of gooey sap!
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A little privacy please

BobSo I’d just got back in from a busy evening maintaining the borders of our new territory. I woke Shaggy to pass on the local gossip and indulge in a little social grooming. Within a minute our human pops up, pokes his camera in our faces, and starts taking photos. Well really! Has he no sense of decorum? Our intimate toilet activities are not really appropriate for public display!
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